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Our events

Monthly Webinars

29 December 2021
Monthly Webinars

Each month the SME Finance Forum organizes webinars for its members. Members can tune in to the webinars via WebEx or Zoom. The webinars are designed to be interactive and we encourage members to ask questions and engage in a discussion with the speakers.

Join us in 2021, as we host a select program with curated content and industry experts from leading banks or innovative fintechs to talk about their approach to small business finance.

This year, we will cover the following key topic areas: Risk management, Digital transformation, Women entrepreneurs finance Agrifinance, Embedded finance, Credit guarantee and COVID-19 mitigation

If you are interested in learning more about the webinars please contact Jessica Alfaro at jalfaro2@ifc.org


*Open Webinar recordings may be accessed on our Vimeo Channel in this link.

** Past webinar recordings are available to SME Finance Forum members on our Vimeo Private Channel (password-protected)


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